Q: How do I nominate?

A: If you wish to make a nomination in one or more awards categories, you are invited to visit our dedicated nominations page HERE


Q: What if the person that I am nominating deserves to be nominated in more than one Award Category?

A: You can nominate the same person, team or organization for more than one award


Q: What Criteria are the Finalists being judged on?

A: Please visit our Awards Criteria Page for the judging criteria for each and every Award Category HERE


Q: What if I think I deserve to win a Canadian HR Award this year?

A: If you wish to be considered for an award yourself, you may submit a self-nomination and you may request others to nominate you


Q: What should my "Reason for Nomination" be?

A: This is a required part of the online nomination process - our research panel needs to know WHY you feel the individual / team you are nominating deserves the recognition. Responses should be up to a maximum of 100 words and must address the award criteria outlined on each online nomination form


Q: What happens next?

A: When the online nominations close, nominations will be collated, counted and subjected to rigorous research but the KMI Media team. If you / your team /organization is invited to become a Finalist, you will be sent a Submission Form which is your opportunity to outline the details of your success in whichever category you have been nominated under. This is a longer form and will allow more detail than the online nomination form



If you have any further questions pertaining to the nominations process please contact Jessica Duce at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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