What is the process of the Canadian HR Awards?
Visit the Process page, where you can find an outline of the process and a detailed description of each step.
How do I nominate?
All nominations must be submitted via the Nominate page. Each award category asks a unique set of questions that fulfil the criteria.
You can review the criteria in the Award Categories page.
When is the deadline to nominate for the Canadian HR Awards?
The nomination deadline for the 2023 Canadian HR Awards is on June 14, 2024. 11:59 pm ET.
How much does it cost to nominate?
  • If You Nominate Before May 5, You Are Entitled To The Early Bird Rate.
  • Nomination fees vary according to the number of nominations you make. There is a discounted rate for 3 nominations and a fixed rate for unlimited nominations.
  • Nomination fees also vary for private companies and for public/not-for-profit companies. See the Pricing page for more information.
How many nominations can I submit?
There is no limit on the number of nominations you submit. Nomination fees vary according to the number of nominations you make. See the Pricing page for more information.
Can I nominate the same person or organization in multiple categories?
Yes, you can nominate the same person, team or organization for more than one award. You can nominate in as many categories as you wish.
Can I nominate myself or my organization?
Yes, you can nominate yourself or your organization.
What is your cancellation policy for nominations?
Once your nomination is submitted, you may withdraw it until the nomination deadline. Your nomination fee will not be refunded.
What happens after I submit a nomination?
Once all nominations are considered and reviewed, excellence awardees will be selected in each category and notified by the awards team. Submitting a nomination does not guarantee a position on the final shortlist.