VenngoVenngo provides world-class group discount programs with a focus on financial and physical well-being. Our programs integrate seamlessly to support other elements of total compensation including medical/dental benefits, EAP and employee wellness programs. Some of the ways we do that are:

  • +350 health and wellness partnerships provide a broad selection of opportunities to affordably pursue active, healthy lifestyles
  • Discounted fitness memberships increase participation rates in wellness initiatives
  • Helping everyone cope better with everyday financial pressures by providing discounts on +1,200 other products and services
  • Reducing financial stress and improving physical fitness, reducing stress related costs to the business such as absenteeism, presenteeism, medical/benefits costs, drug plan fees, disability costs


Other ways we offer unique value to clients include:

  • 100% CASL and PIPEDA compliant - our clients never worry about their employees getting spammed or the safety of their personal information
  • Secure - we validate every user to ensure only authorized people have access to the program
  • REAL savings - because Venngo has direct relationships with their +1200 vendor partners, clients know that the offers presented to their employees are REAL and not simply aggregated public offers


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