Dr. Robin Yap

Dr. Robin Yap

Professor, AI Ethicist Chief Research and Development Officer

George Brown College Point North


Robin Yap has deep expertise in performance and talent management and the intersection of social data analytics, AI/Robot ethics, organizational culture and applied technology in business and entrepreneurial practices. He is the Canadian Head of Delegation for the International Standards Organisation (ISO) 29993 Learning Services in Switzerland. He has an interdisciplinary academic background (double BAs, MSc Ed Technology in Education, Juris Doctor, Doctorate in Management, and post-doctorate in Data Science) coupled with a global corporate experience working with Fortune 500 companies spanning three decades. His academic background, social data research, three authored textbooks in Human Resources and Business, two compendiums in Training and Performance Management, and over three dozen articles in professional and peer-reviewed journals gained him featured guest spots in various media channels including CNN-Asia and CBC-Metro Morning. Robin’s extensive portfolio make him a Human Resources expert referenced in media like Canadian Press and Globe and Mail as well as speakerships at over four dozen conferences in Europe, Asia and North America throughout his career. Robin’s current research focus is on the intersection of newcomer/immigrant country of origin work ethics, AI/Robot Ethics, stellar leadership practices, optimal learning landscapes, transformative performance, strong collaboration networks, and sustained employee engagement.


Please visit RobinYap.ca for more information.


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